Are you guys live?

We are in beta-mode. That means we have a product that works for the best part and we’re excited to show you this. And to offer you our offer. So, you can book your journey!

But it also means it does not yet have all the features that we want and that you want.

What is your current offer?

We offer trains, direct flights and the combination of the two.

We have the majority of airlines and routes, but for trains we now stick to the greater Netherlands area. That means that our value lays in the alternative airports around cities and airports such as:
  • Amsterdam
  • Brussels
  • Paris
  • Frankfurt
  • London.

What is your mission?

We want to replace 1.000.000 flight tickets by train journeys over the next decade.

We do show CO2 impact and it is somehow valuable and insightful. Yet, we believe we need to work to a situation of fewer flights. And we think that’s possible. So, we hope to decrease demand for short flights and increase demand for train trips.

Eventually the number of short-haul flights will go down and train ridership will go up (and frequency). In fact, to a certain extent this is happening already and we want to catalyse this.

What is your business model?

Just a mark-up. We combine knowledge and information and let you book everything at once.

We calculate a mark-up of 5% on the price we pay for tickets and cap it at € 50.

That’s it. The price you see in the results is the price you pay, we do not include any other administration costs and we also do not offer any upsell. We also do not have any affiliate links on our website.

Who are you guys and why is your official registration in Spain?

All three founders were raised in the Netherlands and enjoyed their formative years in Amsterdam, but we have quite a global mindset.

We work without an office and we normally meet in European cities well connected by high speed train.

Founder Tim is based in Granada and therefore bookachoo is now registered in Spain.

And we have a Dutch phone number to serve the majority of our customers that currently come from the Netherlands.

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