Reinventing the default

Reinventing the default

Reinventing the default


Tim led the fast life. Opening his laptop at airports from Frankfurt to Istanbul as ports to different worlds and new challenges. He thought it was so cool, he even started talking in IATA codes.

So, he travelled a lot. And he liked it, also a lot. But at one moment he wasn’t proud anymore to share all these movements. He realised his carbon footprint was disproportionately big. It started to feel wrong.

When Flying, Fly Less

Tim knew he had to ask himself the question: is it still responsible to travel so much?

He concluded ‘partially yes’, as he saw value in the travels he made for the NGOs he worked for. He did see the value of exchange.

But the other part was that he knew something had to change. Whatever he did, he had to do it more consciously.

Tim realised that short flights are most polluting as take-off and landing use most fuel. So, the assignment was to cut the number of flights – especially the short ones.

travel smarter

Living in Amsterdam, Tim would always take the train for a trip to Paris or London.

But when travelling beyond, he would find himself on these short flights for a stopover.

Until he realised that the airports of Brussels, Paris, and Frankfurt have direct high speed train connections with Amsterdam.   So, the solution was as simple as it is complicated: replacing part of the longer trip by a high speed train.

Making it possible for everyone

Having acquired a love for the solution, an appreciation for the carbon savings and a liking for the way of travelling by train, Tim didn’t mind doing a bit of extra research.

At a certain point he even got to know all combinations by heart.

But for his colleagues it was harder. Although they wanted to do the same, they lacked the knowledge and finding combinations is time consuming.

And it required the travel manager to make two separate bookings.

bookachoo is here to change it all.
bookachoo is here to facilitate it all.

Advantages of train travel

Having extensive experience with combining train and plane, Tim found out that this way of travelling has more advantages than saving carbon only.

It is way more comfortable and time efficient, because:
  • There is no queueing and waiting for boarding (in different halls) at train stations
  • There are electricity sockets and internet on a train
  • There’s no lost working time during take-off and landing
  • There’s less total hassle as the number of different transport modes is lower
  • There’s more space on a train.